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Life After a Penile Implant: What to Expect

Deciding to get a penile implant is a significant choice. It can be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make—especially if you struggle to feel happiness in your intimate life due to penile issues. However, before making the final decision, many men want to know what they can expect after penile implant surgery. As frustrating as erectile dysfunction is, a man knows what to expect from his body, more or less. Having an implant brings in an unexpected element.

In this article, we will discuss what you can expect after a penile implant, including the recovery and the type of life you can expect after you are healed.

What is a Penile Implant?

Solid and rigid erections are necessary for a fulfilled, healthy sex life. Unfortunately, about 40 million men in America have erectile dysfunction. If oral medication does not improve this condition, a penile implant can! However, many men want to fully understand what a penis implant is, how it works, and what to expect after the surgery.

First, it helps to fully understand what a penile implant is and how it helps improve your intimate life. The Titan Penile implant is the first implant of its kind. This implant allows men with severe ED to make love again. Instead of worrying about whether or not you’re going to be able to be hard enough for sex, you can spend all your energy on enjoying yourself and your partner.

The Titan Implant is an inflatable penile device. During the procedure, your surgeon places two tubes inside the penis. You can inflate these tubes with fluid using a small plump placed into the scrotum. After you are finished, you simply push the pump, and the fluid drains back into the reservoir. It really is that easy to activate and deactivate.

Life with a Penile Implant Device

The way a penile implant affects your life can vary based on what you choose between inflatable vs. non-inflatable penile implant options. Most people want a natural-feeling implant, which is why they opt for the Titan inflatable implant. When you choose to receive a Titan Penile Implant, it is important to understand that this device only affects the ability to obtain an erection. Penile implants do not interfere with your ability to have an orgasm and do not affect the sensitivity of the penis. Your sex life has nothing to lose and everything to gain from a Titan implant.

The Titan implant is an incredible device. We can recount many success stories from countless men worldwide who enjoy a more fulfilled life thanks to this innovative implant. In a recent study, researchers followed 126 patients who received a penile implant for five years. The study reports “…an overall satisfaction rate of 83.2%, one year or longer after implantation, and 84.2% of the patient population would recommend the same procedure to a friend.”

These same success rates were reflected in partner satisfaction, as 96% of partners were happy with the implant.

Penile Implant Recovery

After your Titan implant surgery, you won’t have any dressings on the surgical site. You will be provided support material and mesh underwear that protects your scrotum as it heals. The incision may leak fluid after the surgery. In addition to the mesh underwear, you can purchase cheap underwear for extra support as your scrotum heals. Using extra support material may also be helpful for recovery.

You should not take any showers for the first 48 hours post-op. After that period, you may shower, but you should not rub or scrub the incision area. Rather, you should let the water wash gently over this area. Use mild, unscented soap, but do not scrub or rub the incisions. Afterward, to dry, you can dab the area with a towel.

You should always keep the incision dry as it heals. Do not take baths or use a hot tub until fully recovered, usually within 4 to 6 weeks.

The sutures should dissolve on their own after surgery. Please don’t cut the sutures or try to remove them.

If the skin around the incision separates or comes apart, you can gently apply some antibiotic ointment over the area to help with healing. If anything serious occurs, please reach out to your doctor for immediate assistance.

Controlling Pain After Penile Implant Surgery

After your surgery, you will be sore and a little uncomfortable for two to three weeks, depending on your body. After three weeks, most of the initial soreness should subside.

You can use an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables to reduce the pain post-op. You should not put either directly on the surgical area. Rather, lay a towel over the area and gently place the ice pack or bag on top of the towel.

In addition, you can take scheduled pain medication. You can also take Tylenol every four to six hours for the first 48 hours afterward. Once this period is past, you can also mix in anti-inflammatory medication like Advil and alternate between that and Tylenol.

You will be given narcotic pain medication after the surgery, but it is important to note that you shouldn’t take it unless you need to. Not using narcotic pain medication is generally best for your overall health and will help you avoid constipation.

What to Expect at Your Follow-Up Appointment

Your first follow-up appointment will be about 3 weeks after the implant surgery. You are shown how to inflate and deflate your titan device during this appointment. After that three-week follow-up appointment, you should run the device through its full cycle, inflating and deflating once daily. This helps you get good practice for using it, and it will also help stretch the tissue to accommodate the new implant.

The next appointment will be about 6 weeks after surgery. During this visit, you will demonstrate how well you know how to use the device. In addition, you can ask any questions you may have about the device or your new life living with a Titan device. Afterward, you will be free to use the device for sexual activity.

You will need to come in for checkups around 3 months after your 6-week checkup. This visit is to ensure your device is working correctly.

After this appointment, you will only need to be seen for annual checkups.

Life After the Titan Penile Implant

After you recover and heal, nothing is left to do besides enjoy your new intimate life. Up to a year or so after the surgery, you could feel twinges of pain or soreness when inflating the penile implant. This is normal and to be expected. Your body may need up to a year to fully recover from the surgery and adequately adjust to the device.

Penile Implant FAQs

It is estimated that the Titan implant will last 10 to 15 years. Depending on their body and lifestyle, several people may have an implant that lasts even longer than that, up to 20 years. Like any other type of mechanical device, the implant is subject to wear and tear. The more it is used, the quicker it will break down.
The Titan implant makes it easy to activate and deactivate an erection. You simply pump the implant up for an erection, and then once you are finished, you merely deactivate and allow the fluid to go back into the reservoir while you resume a flaccid state.
No, a woman will not be able to tell if you have an implant or not unless you tell them otherwise. The implant will not affect the sensation in your penis or the feel of your penis.

Why Choose Dr. Tajkarimi for Titan Penile Implant

Here is how the Titan Implant works from an expert penile implant surgeon, Dr. Tajkarimi.
The Titan Penile Implant - How it Works
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Better Body MD is a high-volume, state-of-the-art medical facility offering the Coloplast Titan Implant for men with severe erectile dysfunction. Dr. Tajkarimi is the lead surgeon of the top 20 surgeons performing this highly specialized implant operation.

We help countless people all over the world overcome ED, enhance their sex lives, and improve their quality of life. Our dedicated operating rooms for penile implants are equipped with the most up-to-date technology and an excellent surgical support staff. When you select Dr. Tajkarimi and Better Body MD, you receive a team of experts who are with you through every step of the operation, from consultation to recovery.

Experience the Titan Implant for Yourself

If you are struggling with your intimate life and want to experience what it could be like with a Titan Penile Implant, contact the experts of Better Body MD today for a consultation. Dr. Tajkarimi has performed more than 1,000 penile implant surgeries over the years, with soaring success rates in Northern Virginia. Call (703) 337-3353 today to book a free initial consultation and discover how the Titan implant can change your life forever.

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